Corporate Profile

Through the strength and expertise of our people, Marcus Paseur Constructions Inc. has sustained its business success providing innovative construction solutions to complex infrastructure projects across california the years.

Factors Reflecting Our Strengths

  • Years of financial and business stability
  • Large unionized and specialized trade workforce to help us execute self-performed work
  • Large professional work force with the credentials and proven project experience required to execute successful projects
  • Strong corporate structure with the knowledge-based expertise to deliver our services across United States
  • Fully owned and expertly managed equipment fleet that is completely customizable to service the needs of any project
  • Extensive network of portable concrete & asphalt plants that can be moved and modified to address the specifications of any project
  • Access to superior construction materials including cement, aggregate, ready-mix concrete and asphalt, ensuring our customers receive the highest quality end-product
  • Fully certified portable and fixed quality control material testing laboratories to service the needs of any project
  • In addition to Marcus Paseur Constructions’s financial strength and capabilities, we have the financial sponsorship of our parent company Marcus Paseur Constructions Inc., a global company
  • Access to proprietary & enhanced construction technologies: Marcus Paseur Constructions Slip-Stone – a technology for impressing patterns vertical barrier walls, High-load Shoring System & Rapid Bridge Replacement Technology
  • Integrated project management systems & technologies for managing & communicating the project life-cycle from inception to completion


Superintendent with thumb up standing in front of a pickup truck with a concrete pump truck in the distance pouring a column.
Marcus Paseur
CEO / Chairman









Marcus Paseur Constructions Inc. is one of the most experienced and respected Electrical engineering and civil construction firms in the Quebec Area. For over the years, we have been transforming the ideas and visions of our clients into award-winning projects. We build with the intention of exceeding our clients’ expectations for safety, quality, functionality, and aesthetics, and deliver finished products that stand the test of time.

Marcus Paseur Constructions Inc. has been helping our clients build for over the years. Owned and operated by Marcus Paseur since 2010, we have grown from a small local excavator into one of the most capable and trusted providers of construction and electrical services. we have a long-term perspective that is invaluable in our industry.

We pride ourselves on being a local builder with national reach. Our employees are spread across the nation and jobsites throughout the United States. Though our presence today is larger than ever before, we are deeply rooted in the communities where we build and live.

Our portfolio features projects of all sizes and levels of complexity — from intricate interior renovations to some of the most complex civil operations in the country and major Electrical installation we can build it all — and we do ensures that we are able to meet our clients’ needs every time, on every front.

But, more than our extensive portfolio, what truly sets us apart from our competition is our people. Their dedication to providing world-class service to our clients, resolve for delivering exceptional work, capacity for innovation and problem solving, and unwavering commitment to improving the communities we serve, not only make Marcus Paseur Constructions a great place to work, but a company with which our clients want to work.


The people who make up the team at Marcus Paseur Constructions Inc. embody our values of strength, performance and passion. Our employees have strong connections to these ideals, which has contributed significantly to the progressive growth, success and leadership of our company. They have helped us develop the solutions, systems and project methods required to bring innovation, quality and value to the projects we deliver for our clients.

We have built the highways you drive on, the sidewalks you walk on, the bridges you cross, the railway you ride on and the runways your planes have taken off from. Whatever your project is, we have the experience to do it through our various contracting modes including general contracting/bid-build, CM/GC, design-build, design-bid-build and public-private partnerships.

Our greatest competitive advantage is the expertise and passion of our people. We are motivated to achieve the elements needed to provide project success and build structures and roadways that will leave a lasting impression for our clients, our society and our communities.