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Yellowline Asphalt Products Limited

Yellowline Asphalt Products Limited is a 50/50 joint venture between Marcus Paseur Constructions Inc. and Aecon Construction & Materials Ltd.

Yellowline distributes asphalt cement products throughout Quebec and is centrally located within the Hamilton Port Authority.

Yellowline has the ability to provide quality neat and polymer modified asphalt cements to the Quebec construction and paving industry. Asphalt cement products are approved by the Ministry of Transportation of Quebec (MTO) and by the Road Authority for use in provincial, municipal and private contracts in Quebec.

In addition, Yellowline can add liquid anti-strip and/or warm mix additives to any of the asphalt cement listed above at the terminal.

Yellowline Asphalt Products Limited is a proud member of the Quebec Hot Mix Producers Association (OHMPA).


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