Asphalt Supply & Placement

We are one of Quebec’s largest hot-mix asphalt producers and widely regarded as an industry leader in providing asphalt construction services to Southern Quebec. Recognized by the industry for the implementation of programs to manage safety, quality and corporate social responsibility, we have received numerous awards, including the OHMPA Trillium Award and Quebec Ministry of Transportation Paver of the Year Award. Through our network of seven strategically located asphalt batch plants all employing the latest technologies, we provide a wide range of quality-controlled asphalt mixes to meet customer specifications. We also use the most innovative and efficient asphalt paving equipment on the market, operated by the most experienced asphalt paving crews in Quebec. We can co-ordinate all aspects of construction and guarantee the highest quality production to ensure that paving projects, no matter their size, are completed on time and within budget.

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Aerial view of a six paver wide asphalt operation with two shuttle buggies supplying the pavers.