Highways / Interchanges

We have built many of Quebec’s most-traveled highways and interchanges, including Highway 401, 404, 407 and 410. Along the way, we have established strong relationships with key industry players, including owners, consultants and specialists allowing us to deliver the highest quality of products and solve to most difficult situations that can be presented through the course of a project.

Highway and interchange projects are complex, requiring knowledge and experience in diverse fields. Environmental and geographical conditions must be assessed, utility installation (water main, storm and sanitary sewers) must be stringently planned and specifications must be precise.

As the leading authority on bridge construction in Quebec, we were selected to complete the first rapid bridge replacements in the province. We have experience in all types of bridge construction – post-tension, ridged frame, precast concrete, steel girder and tub girder. Whether it is construction, rehabilitation or replacement, we are the benchmark for any type of bridge project.

We use only the best construction materials (cement, concrete and aggregates), which are sourced from our sister companies. No matter the challenges, we are fully committed to meeting tight deadlines within budget, and in the safest manner possible.

Concrete paving in work zone while heavy highway traffic surrounds the operation.